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Grandparentage DNA Testing

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DNA test identifies grandparents

The Grandparentage DNA Test is used to determine the statistical probability that an individual is the biological grandparent of another tested individual.

A direct paternity tests is always the best option to determine a biological relationship between a child and alleged father. In instances where the alleged father is unavailable or unwilling to participate in DNA testing, a grandparentage test is another option to consider.

Depending on the DNA provided, the strength of the results will vary.

  • Includes one or both alleged paternal grandparents and a child
  • Indicates the likelihood that the alleged grandparent is more or less likely to be related to the child based on the genetic material exhibited by each person
  • Can be used for legal or peace of mind purposes

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I ran a maternity test for a child custody situation and was able to find a great collection location near me and get a completed result within the same week.

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