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Sperm/Semen Analysis

Isn't it about time you knew?

Discreet testing of a suspicious stain

If you aren’t yet ready for a full infidelity test--which provides you with a full DNA profile for comparison to other samples--and you simply need to know if a suspicious stain contains sperm/semen, this is the best test for you.

The sperm/semen analysis is a presumptive test that returns conclusive results to show if there is sperm/semen present on a tested item such as bedding or an article of clothing. As with all Alliance DNA infidelity testing, this test is accurate, conclusive, and strictly confidential.

I was not expecting the results so quickly and frankly, I didn’t know I would even get a result from a licked envelope. I must say I am impressed.

Allyn A, MA

Thank you so much Donna, I swear Alliance DNA has the very BEST customer service!

Monica L, VA

This isn’t a test I ever hope to need again but if I do, at least now I know the right place to go to get it.

Rhonda R, AL

I really appreciate the personal attention provided by the Alliance DNA team. This process is never fun but Alliance made it as simple and easy as it can be.

James J, OR

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