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TotalGene TX

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Know how your genes affect your metabolism

The Alliance DNA TotalGene Tx test is a comprehensive health and wellness test featuring post physician-reviewed reports and medication metabolism data that cannot be found in any other report available today. A few of its key strengths include:

Comprehensive Report covering

  • Predisposition/ Genetic Risk Assessment
  • Prevention (including nutrition, habits & behavior, nutrigenetics, and exercise)
  • Monitoring and Early Diagnosis
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Estrogen Metabolism (for women)

Post-physician review

  • The genetic information is reviewed by a team of 16 US board certified physicians and surgeons
  • Report analysis and conclusions are adjusted based on family history and competing risks. For example, if an individual would generally require a higher intake of vitamin E but has a high genetic risk for lung cancer, the vitamin E recommendation is removed (vitamin E supplements can increase lung cancer risk up to 27 percent)

Unique risk-reducing data

  • The only report offering pharmacogenomic data that includes antibiotic metabolism

Information for a lifetime

  • An individual’s genes don’t change over time. As genetic research continues to expand, the same genetic profile can be used to provide report updates for years to come.

DISCLAIMER: This test takes 8-10 weeks from sample receipt to final report delivery and requires the involvement of a licensed medical practitioner. Contact Alliance DNA at 800-890-5722 for more information.

After this experience, I will never use another lab for any test I can run through Alliance DNA. Your customer service is surprising and your turn-around was right on schedule. Thank you for caring about the customer.

Richard T, FL

Thank you so much Donna, I swear Alliance DNA has the very BEST customer service!

Monica L, VA

I ran a maternity test for a child custody situation and was able to find a great collection location near me and get a completed result within the same week.

Elizabeth R, TX

I really appreciate the personal attention provided by the Alliance DNA team. This process is never fun but Alliance made it as simple and easy as it can be.

James J, OR

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