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Ancestral Connections

Connecting families one test at a time!

Discover your ancestral connections

Discover how your genetics link you to world population groups with a simple and powerful DNA test. Ancestral Connectionsâ„¢ is one of the most refined and easy to understand DNA genealogy test on the market. With this simple DNA Ancestry test, you can identify your locations of strongest probable genetic origins. Discover the top ten broadest possible megapopulation connections and more.

  • Detailed analysis of results provided
  • Includes personalized World Ancestry map
  • Includes map of prehistoric movements of your ethnic groups
  • 18 Marker Ethnic Panel correlate with a rate of 80% probable ethnic ancestry

I ran a maternity test for a child custody situation and was able to find a great collection location near me and get a completed result within the same week.

Elizabeth R, TX

Thank you so much Donna, I swear Alliance DNA has the very BEST customer service!

Monica L, VA


Tyrel M, MD

I really appreciate the personal attention provided by the Alliance DNA team. This process is never fun but Alliance made it as simple and easy as it can be.

James J, OR

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